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Reddit AMA on r/AR_MR_XR
Reddit AMA on r/AR_MR_XR
Mar 17, 2023
If you've been curious about the tech and the team behind Monocle, our recent Reddit...
An Introduction to AR Written by AI
An Introduction to AR Written by AI
Mar 13, 2023
In the spirit of embracing new technology and exploring frontiers, we thought we’d let the AI do the talking in this deep dive into the augmented reality industry, highlighting our vision for a collaborative, open-source solution.

Living Documentation

Continuously updated as our team and community build new features, our docs help you get hacking.

Monocle Docs

Open-Source Codebase

The only limit is your imagination. Fork our code and make it yours. Monocle is open-source under the MIT license.

Brilliant Labs Github

Drag-and-Drop FPGA Interface

With StreamLogic, use a drag-and-drop interface to reprogram the FPGA.