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Frame is designed to be worn as a pair of glasses with a suite of AI capabilities out of the box. Whether your daily pair of specs or workbench prototyping tool, Frame is ready for the journey.

*Only spherical prescriptions are supported

Free shipping for preorders! First batch ships on April 15.

Mister Power is Frame’s best friend — always on-hand for Frame to lean on when power is low. Equipped with fast charging to get Frame across the finish line.



Frame is designed to fit most people. The device weighs just less than 40g and, at estimated normal use, can achieve all-day battery life together with Mister Power (included). A bright microOLED is bonded to a thin geometric prism optic to display ~20 degree diagonal field of view. Frame is totally open source, design files and code are on Github.

Frame has been designed for an IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range of 58-72mm. This covers most, but not all, people and we suggest using the Eye Measure app to gauge whether Frame is suitable for you.


Shipping for preorders is free! Orders are express shipped worldwide via DHL to ensure speed, security, and trackability.

AI Subscription

As a special deal for our community following Frame’s launch, subscription for AI services are free subject to a daily cap. A paid tier will be announced soon for those who want rates lifted. This will be optional and the free tier will always remain in place.

Free shipping for preorders, first batch ships on April 15!

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