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Frame is designed to be worn as a pair of glasses with a suite of AI capabilities out of the box. Whether your daily pair of specs or workbench prototyping tool, Frame is ready for the journey.

Try them on!

If you have have two PD values less than 0.5 apart add them together and round up.

Due to high demand, expect a little over a month for Frame to ship out to you.

Mister Power is Frame’s best friend — always on-hand for Frame to lean on when power is low. Equipped with fast charging to get Frame across the finish line.



Frame is designed to fit most people. The device weighs just less than 40g and, at estimated normal use, can achieve all-day battery life together with Mister Power (included). A bright microOLED is bonded to a thin geometric prism optic to display ~20 degree diagonal field of view. Frame is totally open source, design files and code are on Github.

Frame has been designed for an IPD (inter-pupillary distance) range of 58-72mm. This covers most, but not all, people and we suggest using the Eye Measure app to gauge whether Frame is suitable for you.


Shipping now on a first-come first-served basis.

AI Subscription

As a special deal for our community following Frame’s launch, subscription for AI services are free subject to a monthly cap. A paid tier will be announced soon for those who want rates lifted. This will be optional and the free tier will always remain in place.

What can it do out of the box?

Frame is designed to be your AI driven personal assistant. Out of the box you have access to AI models like Perplexity, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Whisper etc. allowing you to receive answers to questions about what you’re currently looking at, experience live translation from either speech or text, and query the internet real time. This is all achieved via our first party app Noa. Allow it to learn more about the places, products, shops, and processes you engage with on a daily basis. And also get the occasional bit of dietary advice when you’re contemplating that second slice of cake!

Are there speakers?

There is no speaker. For audio we recommend using regular wireless earbuds paired with the phone.

What is the field of view (FoV) of the display?

It has a ~20° diagonal FoV with the display in the right eye. This feels like an iPad held at arms length.

What languages does it support?

Language support is limited to Latin languages like English, French, Italian, German etc. Display of character-based languages like Japanese and Chinese is in development.

How do I develop for it?

We have an ever growing suite of tools and plugins which can help you quickly get started with developing for Frame. Our AR Studio extension for VSCode is a great way to quickly test, develop and share your Frame Lua apps. For connectivity, frameutils for Python lets you quickly get up and running to build desktop apps. For iOS and Android we have a Flutter package coming very soon for building mobile apps. All our technical docs are available on the website We intend to update this page with more info as it becomes available.

Taxes & duties?

Taxes are not collected at the time of purchase. Frame ships from Singapore and we would recommend checking your country’s local customs authority before making a purchase to get a sense of what you will be expected to pay. Every country has a different import tax rate, name, and criteria. DHL our shipping partner manages this collection at point of delivery. Frame is generally categorised as “electronics”. This resource may prove useful:

Can I have my local optician fit a prescription lens?

Yes. The Rx lens your optician fits needs to be flat on one side in order for it to be laminated to the flat surface of Frame's optic. If your optician is willing to bond this lens to the optic you can achieve a prescription Frame independently. See image for exact dimensions. We emphasize though you do this at your own risk.

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