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Monocle: now shipping!


Monocle is great for building functional heads-up displays or computer vision apps which share workloads with your phone.  Beyond this, Monocle is a great quick prototyping platform to iteratively develop and test AR ideas. If you know Python, you can write AR apps with Monocle.

Check out our Discord Show and Tell channel to see what our community is working on.

Monocle understands Python and exposes intuitive APIs to easily access every aspect of the Monocle hardware. Using our WebREPL console, you can start building Python apps and test them directly on Monocle. Check out the examples and reference documentation here.

Monocle is designed to be clipped to a pair of glasses and stored in its charging case when not in use. The flexible clip fits both thin and thick frames.

For normal anticipated use, Monocle's battery will last ~1 hour and can be recharged ~6 times by placing it in its charging case (like wireless headphones). Fast charging is enabled so you can keep using it throughout your workflow.

Monocle is shipped express and typically arrives within 10 days.

Monocle Overview

Developer Resources

Living Documentation

Continuously updated as our team and community build new features, our docs help you get hacking.

Monocle Docs

Open-Source Codebase

The only limit is your imagination. Fork our code and make it yours. Monocle is open-source under the MIT license.

Brilliant Labs Github

Drag-and-Drop FPGA Interface

With StreamLogic, use a drag-and-drop interface to reprogram the FPGA.